Raising awareness for your organization and increasing opportunities for donor support is fundamental to the success of your mission. The digital age has opened a world of possibilities, and with it, a realm of legalities that can baffle even the most diligent and well meaning among us. If you have a “donate now” button on your website, reach out to supporters beyond your home state, and/or plan to, you have entered the complicated and confusing process of properly registering your nonprofit. Nonprofit solicitation registration is a process that can vary from state to state. Knowing which forms, fees, deadlines, and even exemptions required to maintain compliance and not compromise your charity registration status, can be daunting.

While many of these regulations have been on the books for some time now, many nonprofits have ignored them without incidence, but things have changed. These days, the IRS requires nonprofits to annually disclose state fundraising registrations for each state they sought/received support in. Currently 39 states, including the District of Columbia, require nonprofits to register with their state agency, not doing so, or not doing so correctly, can be costly.About half of the state agencies also require ever changing fundraising disclosures be communicated to donors in a variety of formats, from solicitation letters, to receipts, to verbally when professional fundraisers make contact with supporters, via telephone or in person.Let the nonprofit experts at NPSS navigate the complexities of nonprofit fundraising registration. Contact us now so you can move into the New Year with the peace of mind needed to fully focus on your organization’s mission, while we guarantee 100% compliance.