State Registration

State Registration and Reporting is Tedious... We Can Help!

Nonprofits that engage in fundraising by phone, letter, email, on the web or in any other manner, must register in every state that requires registration. NPSS’s legal team is experienced with each state’s laws, forms, exemptions, procedures and deadlines and can handle all of your state charity registrations.


Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia require nonprofits to register before soliciting contributions from their state residents. The registration requirements differ greatly from state to state making registration compliance a difficult, complicated and time consuming task. NPSS Corp’s legal team is experienced with all state-specific forms and filing procedures.

Annual Financial Reporting

Most states that require fundraising registration also require detailed financial reporting on an annual basis. NPSS Corporation can handle of all of your annual financial reporting.

Registration Renewals

Initial Registration is only the beginning of the registration process. Typically, each state’s registration expires after one year. NPSS Corporation will handle all your organization’s registration renewals. We also monitor and inform you of new laws, rules, procedures and fees to ensure your organization’s ongoing compliance.

You Need a Legal Professional

Each of the 39 states in which your nonprofit must register has very different processes, forms and deadlines. Each states regulation and deadlines must be managed to keep your nonprofit status.

Filling out forms incorrectly and failing to meet individual state deadlines will result in fines and may result in revocation of your organization’s nonprofit status.

We make the complex process of state charity registration simple.

NPSS will give you real time status on your compliance and state nonprofit status.

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