Nonprofit Fundraising Registration Requirements

Initial Nonprofit Fundraising Registration

Forty-One states and the District of Columbia have laws regulating charitable solicitation activities. Most states require nonprofit fundraising registration also known as charitable solicitation registration before a nonprofit solicits any donations. In most states, simply asking for a donation or having a “donate now” button on a website constitutes “solicitation” making nonprofit fundraising registration compulsory even if no donations are received. Failure to comply with each state’s nonprofit fundraising registration requirements is a violation of law and will likely result in thousands of dollars in state fines, penalties and possibly revocation of your nonprofit’s tax exempt status.

The nonprofit registration requirementsdiffer from state to state making initial nonprofit fundraising registration compliance a difficult, complicated and time consuming task. The experts at NPSS Corporation are experienced with each state’s nonprofit registration requirements and make initial charitable solicitation registration simple.

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration Renewals

Initial charitable solicitation registration is only the beginning of nonprofit fundraising registration. Typically, each state’s nonprofit registration expires after one year and has to be renewed. NPSS Corporation can handle all your organization’s charitable solicitation registration renewals. The experts at NPSS will track all of your nonprofit registration deadlines, prepare the necessary charitable solicitation registration renewal applications and submit them to the appropriate state agency to comply with the annual renewal requirements.

Annual Financial Reporting

Most states that require nonprofit fundraising registration also require detailed financial reporting on an annual basis. NPSS Corporation will handle of all of your annual financial reporting in conjunction with your charitable solicitation registration renewals at no additional cost.

Qualifying to Do Business in Other States

Every state has laws that require an out of state nonprofit to register within each state where it is conducting business. The circumstances that trigger the requirement to register or qualify to do business differ from state to state. If your nonprofit opens an office or has employees outside of its home state, your nonprofit will likely have to qualify to do business in the states where the employees or offices are located. Registering to do business in each state where your nonprofit is conducting business is interconnected with nonprofit fundraising registration. In several states, simply applying for charitable solicitation registration triggers the requirement to register to do business in that state. NPSS Corporation can register your nonprofit to do business in each state where registration is required.

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