Charity Registration Renewals

Are you paying too much for your non-profit's state charity registration services?

During these challenging and uncertain times, NPSS wants to help alleviate the financial burdens caused by COVID-19 for your non-profit. For a limited time, we are offering $750 discount off our services so you can focus more of your funds on your mission. 

Our legal experts at NPSS Corporation are here to assist you in filing your nonprofit’s fundraising registrations with guaranteed 100% compliance at an affordable flat fee.

NPSS Corporation will identify your state’s nonprofit registration requirements, prepare nonprofit registration applications, and track deadlines. We handle all forms, fees, and financial reporting so you can legally accept donations from donors in all states and grow your nonprofit. Click the Learn More button now to get started. 

Our team at NPSS hopes that you and your staff stay healthy during this time, and are look forward to a brighter future on the horizon. 

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