Top 5 Smart Ways to Raise Funds for Nonprofit Organization

Fundraising or asking for a donation is the activity to raise money for a nonprofit’s specific purposes. For a successful fundraising, you need to understand what are your nonprofit’s goals and objectives, and the various fundraising options that are available.

It is very difficult to convince donors. Nobody wants to waste their hard earned money on things they don’t have any idea about. They might ask, “Why?” And we might not have a great answer.

You can help them realize that they are contributing to a valuable cause. Once donors believe that your cause truly matters, they want to become part of your journey.

A nonprofit organization works for a specific group or cause that is beneficial for the community. There are different types of nonprofit organization such as educational, charitable, artistic, religious and, scientific.  No matter what type of a nonprofit it is, they are meant to contribute to the society and not to make a profit. If you want to take your fundraising efforts to the next level, we have the top 5 fundraising tips for nonprofits that actually work.

Top 5 Smart Ways to Raise Funds for Nonprofit Organization

Attract People for Fundraising

If you really want to increase the funds for your nonprofit, you need to grab the attention of more and more people. But the question is how you can motivate people to donate to your organization? There are few things you should consider in this regard:

  • You need to identify the prospects- Target the people who you want to invest or who have a strong belief in your organization’s services.
  • Educate and cultivate your target audience- The best way to educate and cultivate prospects is to invite them to be a part of your organization’s mission. Invite and engage them with different nonprofit activities such as river cleaning, blood donation drive, delivering food and water to those in need. These will help them to better understand your work and they will be inspired to give.
  • Let people know how exactly their donations will be used.
  • Put a “Donate Now” button on your website so visits to your website can equate to donationsl to dollars.
  • You can send an email newsletter or develop text message campaigns to engage donors.
  • Appreciate and recognize donors, and involve them more deeply in your work.

Research Your Donors

If you want people to truly support your nonprofit cause, it is important to know your donors. You need in-depth research on the kinds of people who you want to donate to your nonprofit. The following are some questions you need to answer to research your target donors:

  • What are their perceptions of nonprofit organizations?
  • What do they do when they feel motivated?
  • Do you already know some potential donors?
  • Do they really care about your cause?
  • Do they have money to donate?
  • Have they donated in the past?
  • What are donor’s common fears, concerns, and objections about giving?

Collecting important information about donors help you create a personal profile, allowing you to personalize the message you send them.

Promote the Fundraising Efforts

After researching prospective donors and building a good image in people’s mind, the next crucial step is promoting the fundraiser. It is an easy, effective and useful way to attract more people to donate to the cause. There are plenty of ways you can promote your fundraising efforts, which include the following:

  • Word of Mouth – Word of mouth is the best advertisement. It is one of the basic and most efficient ways to promote nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.
  • Social Media – Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to reach a large number of people with the least amount of time and money. By developing compelling content and keeping the message consistent, you can reach people who are interested in making a contribution to your organization’s cause. Social media has the power to convert your product or service into a brand. You can create a campaign, like #givingtuesday which is very famous on Facebook. Moreover, investing in Facebook ads is the best way to catch the attention of targeted donors for raising funds.
  • Internet- The Internet is yet another powerful medium to appeal to potential donors for funds. You can write articles and blogs on your website, create striking pictures and videos, and attract prospective donors through rich, compelling content.
  • Brand Ambassador- You can recruit a famous celebrity such as actor, musician, business person or politician for your nonprofit organization. It will help your nonprofit to attract wealthy donors.

Build Your Brand Equity

Building your brand is difficult but not impossible!

If nobody knows about your organization, how will you raise funds for the mission? You need strategic planning, time, effort and persistence to build your own identity. No matter how talented the people you have and how good your cause is, if it is unbranded, it’s of no use.

Create a logo, name, compelling image and video, font, quality website, and copy that support with your brand standards. This will not only increase brand recognition and awareness, but your potential donors feel safe that they are contributing for the right cause. A branded nonprofit builds confidence, trust and motivates people to donate their money.

Inspire More Donations at Your Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are powerful ways to engage with donors, grow your community and celebrate your nonprofit’s mission with large audiences. But, how will a fundraising event help to raise money for your nonprofit’s cause? The following are popular ideas to increase giving at your next fundraising event.

  • Mobile donations are great ways to raise even more money at your fundraising event. Encourage your supporters by providing them the option of a mobile donation.
  • At your event, auctions, raffles, and games are the best ways to generate more money for your cause.
  • Showcase your work to your community of supporters at the event. Showing live demonstrations, telling appealing stories and showing emotional advertisements are great ways to make a big difference.
  • You can secure future support by showing your appreciation to donors. Make the donor feel special by treating them like a VIP. Thanks them for their valuable involvement for the cause and always keep in touch with your sponsors.