Fundraising Campaign – 7 Ways to Turn Your Mission into A Movement

The mission is simply what you eye to achieve. A movement, on the other hand, makes a difference, a big difference. The success of a fundraising campaign is assured when you turn your mission into a mass movement. To turn the campaign into a mass movement, you have to make a winning plan to find, reach, engage and retain potential donors. To retain donors, turn them into your supporters.

Admittedly, no two fundraising campaigns are same. However, the ways these campaigns work are all same. Here, we are compiling a list of seven ways to start and run a fundraising campaign successfully. We are putting the implementation of these ways in simple words. If you are already running a campaign, then these tips might not be that helpful. However, these tips will help you in making your next campaign more successful.

Start With a Soft Launch

Before full official launch, rope in your key fundraisers. The soft launch endows you with the momentum and confidence required to materialize the full campaign. When the soft launch is successful, you can rope in a broader supporter base. And, donors also show the willingness to be a part of a campaign that shows the sign of a great success.

To start with a soft launch, make a list of the most dedicated supporters and fundraisers. Invite them and give them the responsibility to outline the campaign before the official launch. Ask them to reach and encourage their families and friends for contributions.

Keep Campaign Brand to the Front

It is important to be in the sight and mind of people to make the fundraising campaign successful. You are likely to fail to catch some fundraisers and donors if you are not promoting your campaign. You should utilize all the available channels of communication. Whoever you can reach should be convinced to join this movement.

There are numerous easy and fruitful ways to promote a fundraising campaign. However, there is no match for running a social media campaign especially when you have limited funds. Design a poster to promote the campaign and use this poster as the profile picture or background picture. Add a call-to-action. If you are having a website then the homepage must feature the campaign and call-to-action.

Educate Fundraisers

A fundraising campaign can be successful when fundraisers are successful. Share accurate and useful information with fundraisers.

Make a fundraising tip sheet and share it with fundraisers. This tip sheet serves the purpose of a resource of information for fundraisers. You can also make this sheet available on the website.

Create a Donation Page

Donors need a way to donate. People show the willingness to donate when you provide them with a way. Having a branded online donation page is always more rewarding than a generic donation page. The check out page should be branded to your nonprofit.

The donation page must be customized for every campaign. If you have a logo for the fundraising campaign, add that logo in the donation check out page.

Link with Impact

People donate only when they feel their support will make a difference. You have to make donors realize that their small donation and support will be used to feed, educate, protect, care or help someone. Explain the real world impact of the donation. For example, if a person knows that you will use their funds to vaccinate children, to buy books for children who cannot afford them, or supply food in a disaster effected-region, he or she will definitely donate.

You can detail the impact of the donation to donors by including the impact in written appeals. Or, you can detail the impact with the content you are posting on your social media profiles.

Make a Video

You can use a campaign video to share your story. Words are not sufficient. The old saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ still holds water. However, there is no match for audio-visual content. It is the most engaging and convincing channel of communication. A fundraising campaign video helps fundraisers and donors in understating the cause. By sharing this video on your social media profiles, you can connect with more individuals.

There are different ways for making an impressive and inspiring video. You can include footage from your previous program. You can use animations. This video should make the audience realize that someone is in need of their support and help.


It is always good to celebrate milestones and accomplishments. This encourages fundraisers and supporters to keep supporting the cause. They are encouraged to put in more sincere efforts. The celebration is also a way for recognizing and appreciating sincere efforts of fundraisers and supporters. And, don’t forget to update donors on the results of the campaign.

Set weekly or monthly goals. And, when these goals are achieved, share it as good news on your social media profiles.

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