As experts in nonprofit fundraising registration, we’re best-suited to handle the time-consuming task of Charitable Solicitation Registration for you.

Staying compliant is a confusing and complicated process. You could easily waste hundreds of hours researching each state’s nonprofit registration requirements, preparing nonprofit registration applications, and tracking deadlines.

That’s valuable time you could be spending growing your nonprofit organization and helping others. We can do all the work for you – and ensure compliance — all for a VERY affordable flat fee.

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    Contact a Charitable Solicitation Registration Expert Today!

    What even IS charitable solicitation and why do you have to register?

    In its most basic form, it’s a nonprofit asking for something of value via emails, social media, fundraising events, a donate now button on a website, etc. 39 states and the District of Columbia have some form of requirement to do so, with the aim to protect residents from donating to less-than-legitimate organizations. It’s a way to ensure that every donation goes exactly where its intended to by the donor.

    What makes charitable solicitation registration so complex?

    Nonprofits don’t always limit donation solicitation to just one state — so if you plan on fundraising in more than one state, you’re required to file a registration form in each state you’re planning to solicit donations from, not just the one you’re operating out of. To make matters worse, the requirements vary from state-to-state.

    We can help!

    Our nonprofit fundraising registration experts will:

    Talk to you one-on-one to ensure personalized attention, regardless of how large or small your non-profit is.

    Identify the states that your organization must file nonprofit registration applications in.

    Prepare and file all of your initial charitable solicitation registration applications.

    Advance the nonprofit fundraising registration fees.

    Track and confirm each charitable solicitation registration filing.

    Once your nonprofit registrations are complete, we will handle all of your nonprofit registration renewals
    (we can handle this even if you didn’t initially register using our services!)

    100% Compliance Guaranteed!

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